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Cross Stitch in Your Home

If you’re reading this blog, it’s a good bet you love cross stitch almost as much as we do. If that is true, you probably want to find as many ways to incorporate cross stitch patterns and designs throughout your home as possible.

There are ways you can decorate with cross stitch in most rooms of your home. This post will provide some of the ideas for cross stitch in your home:


You can decorate with cross stitch in your kitchen in a number of ways. One idea is to cross stitch on napkins. You can cross stitch bold patterns and embroidery for year-round napkins or holiday colors and themes for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter too! You can do the same for tablecloths and for placemats.

You can also use cross stitch on oven mitts and on kitchen towels for your stove and sink. Be creative and think of even more ways to add cross stitch to your kitchen.


There aren’t as many opportunities for cross stitch in the bathroom as the kitchen but there are a few. You can add cross stitch on hand towels and bath towels and the bathroom is a good place for framed cross stitch art.


There are countless ways to decorate a living room or family room with cross stitch.

You can cross stitch beautiful blankets and quilts and drape them over couches and chairs in the room. Blankets are probably the most common form of cross stitch in a home.

You can also cross stitch throw pillows. Similar to napkins and tablecloths, it is a fun idea to cross stitch different pillows for different holidays and seasons of the year to update the décor throughout the year. Just be sure you schedule upholstery cleaning each year a local service. I use Green Leaf Chem-Dry in Boca Raton, FL.

You can also display framed cross stitch art in a living room or family room for a personal touch to the décor. Cross stitch art complements classic and traditional décor for countryside charm.


You will find similar ways to decorate a bedroom with cross stitch as a living room. Cross stitch décor in a bedroom includes throw pillows on the bed and bedroom furniture and blankets too.


During the holidays, you can display cross stitch stockings on the fireplace for Christmas. You can even cross stitch stockings for family members and hand them out as Christmas presents for them to display in their own homes in the coming years.

We provided several ideas for how to decorate a home with cross stitch including ideas for most of the rooms in a home. Continue to be creative to find new ways to use cross stitch throughout your décor. Family and guests will love your crafts on display and might even ask you to cross stitch some items for them for their own homes.

For questions on decorating a home with cross stitch, you can use our convenient contact form for the blog.